Melbourne Period Project

The Bare Bros have raised $1600 for MPP

From January 1st until March 31st March 2017 Nude Dudes Candles will be supporting the Melbourne Period Project through 10% of sales as well a charity fundraisers


The hope of the Melbourne Period Project is to provide care, support and sanitary products for homeless women.

Imagine the humiliation, pain and fear that women experience when they’re sleeping rough and their period arrives. They often have nothing. Imagine having to ask a stranger for sanitary products, even if that stranger is there to help

We will make up and provide pre made packs to homeless women through our distributors. These packs will come in 4 different varieties and each will have extras such as disposable scented bags, wipes, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Sunflower Pack - 25 Super tampons, 5 Super pads + extras.
Rose Pack - 25 Regular tampons, 5 Regular pads + extras
Poppy Pack - A mix of Pads only + extras
Tulip Pack - A mix of tampons only + extras
Hemlock Pack - For Transgender Men - Personalised + extras.

Whether it’s a one off, or a continuing donation, we sincerely appreciate every single donation. Please send us a message via our facebook page or email if you would like to help.